About FantasyDB

Welcome to FantasyDB, the database of all things Fantasy Football. Here, you'll find easy-to-consume, in-depth player stats, and the latest best ball ADP data, all curated and updated for your convenience. This is just the beginning, with more features and updates in the pipeline.

FantasyDB is a one-man show, created by me, Eric - an experienced software engineer with a passion for all things Python related. The platform is an combination of my professional expertise and personal interests, a place where my love for coding, data analysis, and Fantasy Football intersect.

I started playing Fantasy Football in 2006. Over the past 17 years, I've participated in various formats including redraft, auctions, best ball, DFS, and dynasty. My experiences, learnings, and passion for the game inspired me to create FantasyDB. This site draws inspiration from platforms like Sleeper and Underdog, as well as numerous fantasy podcasts.

Outside of coding and Fantasy Football, I'm a husband and a father to two little girls and a toddler boy (and a feisty Boston Terrier). I hope you enjoy this site!